I always recommend they put Steph on their list of essentials. Nobody should birth without her she's just fabulous."

Young Mother

What is Hypnobirthing?

Sometimes I think its easier to start by breaking the misconceptions and saying what Hypnobirthing is not, simply because there are many ideas people have about Hypnobirthing which are not true... I know because I had them too!


So, Hypnobirthing is not:

- Being controlled by me, or anybody else

- Hocus pocus, trickery or 'snake oil'

- Going to promise you a pain free birth (although it IS possible!)

- A guarantee of a certain type of birth, although it WILL help stack the odds in your favour of achieving the birth you desire.

- Only for people planning a low intervention birth - I'd go as far as to say its even more essential when things are less straightforward. Even C-Section birth can be hugely improved using Hypnobirthing tools and knowledge.

Supernova Hypnobirthing is a complete birth preparation course. It encompasses an in depth understanding of how labour and birth work, learning about your choices (and how to make the best ones for you and your baby), empowering your birth partner to feel confident in their role, and tools to support the birthing process, let go of the fear and maximise your comfort. You'll learn how to navigate the maternity system to get the best possible care for you and your baby, as well as learning about other support available locally. Some Supernova courses even contain a postnatal care module allowing you to prepare to confidently care for yourselves and your baby in the early days and weeks.

The 'Hypno' element is not something to fear - it's not having your mind taken over by someone else or loosing control, in fact one of the key things you need to know is that ALL Hypnosis is self Hypnosis - you will only ever do things you want to. So yes, that does mean that the man you saw being Hypnotised on stage in Spain when you were 10, was acting like a chicken because he WANTED to! This is stage hypnosis and is nothing to do with Hypnobirthing. 


Entering a state of Hypnosis, or trance, is something we all naturally do daily already. We can't get stuck in it, and you are always in control. Your course will simply give you the tools to enter this state of deep relaxation at any time you want or need. Whilst you're there, it allows you to send positive, reassuring messages about birth to your subconscious, reprogramming it to see birth as safe experience it is most of the time. This allows your body to work more optimally improving the physical and emotional experience of labour for you, your baby and your birth partner.

If you're interested in finding out more about the ways to work with Steph, you can find out more about Hypnobirthing Packages HERE and Pregnancy Relaxation HERE - there's something for every budget! If its Postnatal Support you are after, you can read more HERE.