"I did a few pregnancy relaxation sessions with Steph when I was pregnant with my youngest and she's just lovely. Knowledgeable, supportive and calming. I'm a reflexologist and massage therapist who works a lot with expectant mother's and I always recommend they put Steph on their list of essentials. Nobody should birth without her she's just fabulous."



Isla came into the world with total disregard for my Plan A. I had an induction, epidural and an emergency c-section, but I felt calm throughout every twist and turn. I can safely say that without Steph, I'd be really traumatised from the labour I had and we wouldn't have the amazing natural section we did.


Steph provided us with a huge amount of support from pregnancy onwards. The hypnobirthing tools were invaluable, and later practical hands on childcare and guidance with each new stage we encountered in our parenting journey. Providing reassurance and confidence in our decisions, and an invaluable sounding board. As well as information about a wealth of topics including sleep and introducing solids. Steph also gave me a lot of support to continue our breastfeeding journey, helping me navigate the unique challenges of feeding a baby and later a toddler. 


"We loved our classes, they were so helpful and really helped us to have a positive experience. Steph was great at discussing all the topics and answering our questions. Would definitely recommend."


"Steph - thank you so much for your help and support! Although Rose arriving via c-section was not what I initially had in mind, the skills that you taught me during the hypnobirthing course proved invaluable! Rose is only 5 weeks old and I would happily go though the same experience again. 
I would definitely recommend that anyone who is expecting a baby attends your course no matter what type of birth they have in mind or planned as your guidance made such a difference."


Steph provided me with a wonderful two hour Skype consultation in preparation for the birth of baby number 2, during lockdown. She addressed my fears, gave me wonderful advice and coping mechanisms and made me feel so much more positive.