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Stepping into parenthood can be tiring, confusing, even overwhelming at times, but you don't have to do it alone! With family structures very different to years gone by, you might not have grandparents, aunts or siblings to offer you and you newborn support as you transition to your new life, I'm here to fill that gap!


I offer tailored support within the family home, supporting you to tune in to your instincts, parent responsively, and rest as much as possible in the early days and signpost to further information, support or resources as appropriate - I'm fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing, likeminded network of support groups and businesses - so anything I can't help with, they almost certainly will be able to!


I can also provide Birth Childcare for older siblings if childcare for when you're in labour is proving tricky to secure - just drop me an email.

Postnatal Support

I am available to book on a flexible basis, offering support for the whole family. Get in touch to discuss your requirements, they might be similar to some of the scenarios below, or completely different!

- A few hours a week where I care for your baby (and / or older child) whilst you have some time to rest or have some 1:1 time with a child or your partner.

- Support in feeding your baby (be that breast, bottle, tube or any other way!)

- General help around the house – light housekeeping, meal prep, entertaining a busy toddler etc.

- Guidance on meeting your child’s developmental needs and parenting responsively. I can help with safe baby wearing, sleep support, safe bedsharing, sibling rivalry and more.

- Talking through your pregnancy and birth experience, signposting to the relevant services if you feel you need further support.

- Overnight support, either working alongside you, or caring for baby overnight to allow you to catch up on sleep.

Birth Childcare

As an experienced and qualified Nanny of over 12 years, Steph is confident to jump straight in to caring for children within their family home. She can provide care for older siblings at the end of your pregnancy giving you all a chance to get to know one another, or simply arrive when labour begins! Happy to provide Sole Charge care if you are heading to the Midwife Led Unit or Hospital to give birth, or to entertain older kids during a home birth (where she can also help with food prep for everyone and support your birth partner if wanted). Get in touch if you'd like to find out more.


Postnatal Support is offered in blocks of 3+ hours per visit to make sure your whole family really benefit from your time with Steph. Postnatal Support is charged at £25 per hour, if you are interested in a shorter visit this may be possible but the hourly rate will increase. 

Steph is also available for virtual postnatal support during the pandemic / if you aren't local.

Payment plans are possible on all services at Supernova.


Please fill in this form to register your interest in working with Steph postnatally.