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Welcome to the World, Kit

I'm so delighted to be sharing this positive birth story with you today. Nicole was a Zoom client over the height of the first lockdown and was understandably concerned about how the pandemic would affect her birth plans. It turned out to be everything she hoped it would be, and it's a real privilege to have Nicole, Kit & Amelia as regular faces at Cake Club too. Keeping up with my clients after their birth is always so special!

Kit is my second baby. I had a wonderful hospital birth experience with my first - we arrived at the hospital at 11:55pm, gave birth at 00:22 and were home by 4:30am. The experience was so good that I knew I’d never be lucky enough to have such a smooth experience again in hospital so always knew I wanted a home birth as and when we had a second.

Fast forward a couple of years and baby number 2 was on the way and I was totally set on a home birth. I was massively supported by my midwife and was set to go! Then along came a small thing we like to call Covid and suddenly my dream of a home birth was in jeopardy. Kit (as we now know he is!) was “due” on May 26th - very much in the height of so many restrictions - not seeing people; restrictions to birth partners and visitors, scans on my own etc. But, thanks to the amazing community team at Southend, and to my utter surprise, home births continued.

Having had Amelia 12 days pre due date, once I hit 38 weeks, I expected baby any day- so it was a bit of a shock when not only 38 weeks came and went, but so did weeks 39 and 40! It was on 28th May, at 40+2, that I woke at 4:30 am and laid wondering whether the twinges were early labour or not (I was desperate for something to happen) by 7 am I know this was very early labour. Although the twinges weren’t strong or huge sky regularly - I knew the feeling and knew they were happening often enough to know. I woke my husband- mainly as I was excited that it was actually happening! I then called my mum - she was on standby to pick Amelia up so I could birth without a 3 year old climbing over me! Mum arrived about 8 and by this time the surges were more regular but still very manageable. After an excited Amelia (who hadn’t been with mum for 2 and a half months) had showed her everything in her room they left by about 8:45am.

I had again, as with Amelia, practised hypnobirthing. So, I lit my candles, put some TV on and planned to kick back for a while and enjoy the peace and quiet, alas, baby number two wasn’t having this! By 9:30, I asked Stew to get upstairs ready- birth ball, candles, home birth bag out. The surges were far more regular by this time - and stronger. I spent quite a lot of time on my ball as it eased the feelings somewhat and continued my breathing techniques . But it was amazing being at home because I could move around and be where I wanted to be - with stew there the whole time. By 10:15 am, the surges were every 2-3 minutes, so Stew called the hospital and they said they would send a Midwife. At this point I wanted to move to the bed - on all fours- where I was most comfortable. The surges by now were thick and fast and, based on my previous birth, I suspected that it wasn’t going to be long. Sam - the midwife on call - arrived at about 11:15 and she was wonderful.

When she arrived I could hear her checking I was happy for her to come up stairs - which set the tone for the rest of the birth. After my checks she asked me to a sample- baby took this moment to escalate the situation. Stew had to help me back from the bathroom because there was really no respite from the surges. Sam told me she would finish the checks and then leave me and come up every 15 minutes to check on me. Except at that very moment I knew I was ready to deliver baby. All the time I was trying hard to remember my breathing . I resumed my all fours position and baby was indeed crowning! My waters broke late in the process- as I was delivering. Several pushes later and Kit Stewart Archer was born at 11:55 am, on my bed with just me, Stew and Sam, weighing a very healthy 8lbs and 14oz.

In the midst of a global pandemic that had taken so much from us all, was a perfect baby, born in the most perfect way. Stew cut the cord when it had finished doing it’s job!

At times it felt like all my hypnobirthing went out of the window- but I hindsight it hadn’t. Yes it was painful at times. No I wasn’t silent. But I did breath my baby out. I did achieve a quick birth. And it was the hypnobirthing techniques that did this.

The aftercare was amazing. The second midwife arrived at nearly half 12 (shortly after our Asda delivery...!) and both her and Sam were more than we could have ever asked for. From the easy and non intrusive delivery of the placenta to the feeling of being totally in rushed in my time Kit. When the time came to weigh Kit and do the checks, Sam helped me to my shower (which was amazing to be in my own shower!) she was so careful to not make any kind of mess anywhere! When if showered, she helped to dry and dress me, I’ve never been so looked after! And when I got back to the bedroom - it was spotless and the bed made ready for me to climb into! We all had tea and biscuits together and then they went, leaving the three of us. It really was the perfect birth I’d hoped for, despite the Covid situation.

If you'd like to get your hands on the same powerful hypnobirthing tools Nicole found so helpful during her births, you can find out more about Supernova Classes here - there's face to face support including Pregnancy Relaxation every Sunday evening, Antenatal Hypnobirthing Courses and Zoom classes on their way!

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