Supernova Hypnobirthing

Discover how much you can do to positively impact your experience

of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood, with a

Supernova Online Hypnobirthing Course.

Delivered in manageable modules to watch at your convenience.

With ongoing support including a 1:1 Zoom consultation with Steph (30mins) and

a growing, supportive community in an exclusive members only Facebook group.


Suitable to start between 20 and 32 weeks pregnant, wherever and however

you're planning to give birth.

This informative and inspiring course will teach you everything you need to know as you prepare to welcome your baby into the world feeling calm and in control:

 - The fundamentals of how birth works, so you can prepare your mind, body and environment optimally.

- An understanding of your Estimated Due Date and why its both more, yet less, significant than you think.

- Practical and effective techniques to minimise and manage discomfort in labour.

- The foundations of your birth plan - your options and rights.

- Understanding the maternity care system, including when and why interventions may be offered, and how hospital policy may, or may not, be best for you.

- How to use your BRAIN to make decisions you know are right for you.

- What to expect at each stage of labour & tips on what to do to support a calm and comfortable experience.

- Where you can turn for more support if needed.

With EXCLUSIVE bonus

content from

The Milk Hub,

giving you access to expert help from an

Infant Feeding Supporter

ahead of your baby's arrival.

Like the sound of it?

Fantastic, Steph would love to welcome you into her VIP (Very Important Parents!) Community.

Full course details can be found below along with the pricing plans and booking links.

We both came away feeling really positive & excited about the birth experience ahead! I never realised how much I didn't know. I was amazed with Steph's knowledge too!

Supernova Online Hypnobirthing Course Details:

The online course has changed!

Whereas it once ran over 4 weeks with a weekly Q&A, following feedback I now offer the full 4 weeks worth of content when you sign up, which you can enjoy at your own pace. When you are ready, you can get in touch directly to book your personal 1:1 Q&A session (Zoom) where you can ask everything and anything you have on your mind after taking in the inspiring and informative course content.

You will also have immediate access to the exclusive The Milk Hub BONUS content. 

  • Session 1 - An introduction to Hypnobirthing and why it is so effective. Learn how fear and tension fundamentally impact upon labour, so you can start to mentally prepare for a positive birth.

  • Session 2 - Fill your 'Toolbox' with powerful techniques for you and your birth partner. Take them home and practice, practice, practice. Begin to understand the benefits of preparing your body and baby for birth.

  • Session 3 - Understand the maternity system, due dates and interventions and how to make them work for you and your baby. Develop your decision making skills and feel confident you have all the tools you need, whatever path your birth takes.

  • Session 4 - What to expect as labour unfolds and how you can work with your body. Explore the role of the birth partner and how they can be the best support on the day.

  • Exclusive bonus content from The Milk Hub giving you access to expert advice from the comfort of your sofa.

​Also included:

  • A printable workbook (or buy a hard copy for £6 +p&p)

  • 4 Hypnobirthing audios to enjoy during pregnancy and labour

  • Supporting research and articles

  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group

  • My ongoing support and guidance via email 

  • One 30min 1:1 Zoom session for tailored advice and support