Supernova Birth Services was founded by me, Steph Kidd, a knowledgeable and experienced Antenatal Educator, Birth and Postnatal Doula and Champion of Informed Choice.

Whether you're newly pregnant, getting close to birth, or adjusting to life as new parents, it can feel like a confusing and overwhelming time (especially in the middle of a pandemic!) but you don't have to walk this path alone. I'm here to support you with empowering and inspiring antenatal education classes, ongoing online support and the option for in labour Doula support - leaving you feeling excited to plan your birth with confidence and clarity.
When you enter parenthood feeling amazing, you can begin to parent in the way you truly want to, from day one, listening to your instincts and being guided by your baby.

I can also support you after your baby arrives, whether we worked together during your pregnancy or not. I offer postnatal support for the whole family - from guidance and support, caring for baby whilst you rest, or older children whilst you care for baby, help around the home
 to signposting to essential local services or anything else your family needs to feel amazing welcoming your new addition.

Supernova Birth Services
Allowing you to make space for the new centre of your universe

I always recommend they put Steph on their list of essentials. Nobody should birth without her she's just fabulous."

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