Whether you are newly pregnant, getting close to birth, or adjusting to life as new parents, it sometimes feels like a confusing and overwhelming time. 

With empowering antenatal education and effective hypnobirthing techniques you can instead feel inspired to plan your birth with confidence and clarity. When you enter parenthood feeling amazing, you can begin to parent in the way you truly want to from day one, listening to your instincts and being guided by your baby.

Founded by Steph Kidd, knowledgeable Hypnobirthing Coach, experienced Nanny and birth, breastfeeding and responsive parenting advocate. Steph supports you to make space for the new centre of your universe.

I always recommend they put Steph on their list of essentials. Nobody should birth without her she's just fabulous."

Group Hypno

Our signature course, the Supernova Antenatal Hypnobirthing Course, is full antenatal prep for both birth partners.

Carefully created to inspire, educate and empower. 


Calming weekly group sessions offering connection, education and relaxation.

Mix and match sessions, and save 10% when you book 4 or more.

It's your call

Move from confusion to clarity as we discuss your specific birth options, enabling you to make fully informed and confident choices about your care.

Perfect for when things don't stay simple.

Postnatal care

Household Help

Childcare - Newborn / Sibling

Emotional Support

Infant Feeding Support

Babywearing Guidance

Safe Sleeping

Signposting to Local Services

Day or Night

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